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Sunday, May 30, 2010


This horse gives me a feeling of melancholy. This picture was taken at the zoo. I wonder if these horses are happy living in the zoo. For me, I would prefer to live in the wild, look for food and run away from my predators. Melanie has a different view. She would rather live in the zoo and be safe than sorry. :o)

The elephant is my favourite animal. If you ask me what I would like to be if I can choose to be an animal, I would like to be an elephant. Reasons are, they are big enough to protect themselves and they are herbivores!
While I was at the zoo that day, I fed the elepants. When my basket of fruits was empty, I offered the empty basket to the elephant but the elephant retracted its trunk immediately, refusing to take the basket. I laughed at my mischief then.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the zoo especially during the elephant feeding session. I will make it a point to visit the zoo often.  

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